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echeck guarantee

Features of our Check Conversion with Guarantee Processing Services

The main aim of our check processing service is increasing the efficiency of your business. Instead of sending checks directly to you, we convert them into an electronic deposit so payments go right into your checking account, just like your credit card funds. As we said, this eliminates bank runs, increases the speed at which you have the money in your account, and makes sure you are getting every cent that you deserve. And, with our check guarantee feature — just one more reason our electronic check processing service is second to none — you'll never have to worry if the check you receive is good, or even lose a sale because you failed to accept it. We guarantee payment on all checks you process, freeing you up to focus on your growing business. Other advantages include:

Check 21+ Program: Click here then click on @Check 21+@ if you wish to process or cash business, government or employee payroll checks with limits higher than $25,000. Our extremely versatile Check 21+ Program is for both remote environments, point-of-sale and also supports Guaranteed funding.

MagTek Check Imager: In the past, the problem with check processing had to do with most small business's lack of easy-to-use check processors. Fortunately, with our MagTek Check Imager, electronic check processing has never been easier! Just scan, and your work is done!

Credit Card Terminals: With EMV POS system/Chip Card Reader and Apple Pay™ Reserve Yours Today!* Included with our Checks-On-Demand service and our Merchant Accounts is our credit card terminal! This makes it easy for you to not only process checks, but credit and debit cards as well; and all at no cost to you!

Complete Lineup of Merchant Services: Whether you need gift card, cash, or check processing, or almost anything else, Credit Cards Processing Company can provide you with the features you need. As a leading provider of small business solutions, we can give you the services you need to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

Check Conversion with Guarantee

echeck guarantee

Credit Card Processing Company offers Check Conversion with Guarantee services through Sage Payments EFT formally known as Global eTelecom Inc.,(GETI). Check Conversion with Guarantee is for Face-to-Face transactions. Check Conversion with Guarantee enables merchants to process checks electronically…just like a credit card, for Face-to-Face transactions in a "customer-is-present" environment. With this valuable service, you eliminate the trip to the bank while increasing your profitability as well as your efficiency in your work place. Overall, we aim to please, and with this exceedingly helpful service, we know we can help your business improve. Here's how it works. The check is verified by screening it through several databases and fraud detection systems. Once the check passes a sophisticated risk assessment it is authorized at the point of sale. The funds are then electronically deposited into the merchant's bank account in 2-3 business days. Eliminates the risk of accepting checks.

Guarantee is limited to: Personal and Business/Doing Business As (DBA) Checks.
Funding Time: Funds are deposited directly into the merchant bank account within 48 -72 hours.

Stop Payment Premium: Stop Payment is offered to the Auto Repair, Motorcycle Repair, Motor Home Repair, Paint and Body Shops, Transmission Repair and Auto Glass Install/Repair. Must complete the Stop Payment Addendum. Additional .25% basis points charged. Imager is required.

"NO ACH" Response — Personal and Business Check Guidelines: Check Conversion with Guarantee does accept Business Checks at the Point of Sale. NACHA has lifted the restriction on "Business Checks", however there are still some checks both Business and Personal that will be ineligible for the ACH Processing.

The host will make the determination of the checks' ability to be ACH processed and respond accordingly with a "NO ACH" response at the Point of Sale. "NO ACH" is a valid authorization. When this happens, follow these Procedures:

NOTE: The merchant will simply need to present the physical check for deposit, the funds are still guaranteed according to the terms of the contract.

If the Merchant receives a "NO ACH" response, then the transaction will not be able to be electronically converted as "ACH". The merchant will then:
1) Write the approval code given for this transaction on the front top of the check.

2) Write the State and Drivers License Number and

3) Write the Phone Number to include area code and have the customer initial the top.

4) The Merchant must physically deposit this check into their bank account that day or the next business day in order for GETI to honor if returned.

NOTE: Stipulations for guarantee should be met on the face of the check prior to manual deposit.Should the manually deposited check be returned the financial instrument or an indemnified copy must be received at the check processor's location within thirty (30) days of the date of authorization in order for this check to be guaranteed by GETI.

"GETI's policy on Business checks is that they ARE acceptable, we have programmed our host to make the determination of eligibility based on NACHA regulations."

Check Conversion NO Guarantee

echeck guarantee

Accept checks at the point of sale and enjoy the peace of mind guaranteed payment.

Check Guarantee: Check Guarantee is a check acceptance service that eliminates the risks of accepting paper checks. Verification and authorization are obtained at the point of sale for face-to-face transactions. Paper checks are then manually deposited into the bank and will be guaranteed if returned unpaid (if proper procedures are follows). No Check Reader or Imager Required.

Verification: Offering the most powerful and comprehensive check verification system in the industry.The check writer and their account information are instantly screened through multiple databases and fraud detection systems.

Guarantee Funding: Verified checks will be guaranteed for reimbursement, thus assuring that each check will be paid. Merchant physically deposits the check at the bank with confidence that the check is guaranteed. No Conversion.

Stop Payment Premium: Stop Payment is offered to the Auto Repair, Motorcycle Repair, Motor Home Repair, paint and Body Shops, Transmission Repair and Auto Glass Install/Repair. Must complete the Stop Payment Addendum. If you don't already have an Imager, an additional .25% basis points per transaction will be charged. Imager is required.

Funding Time: Returned checks funded through check processor within 30 days providing the proper procedures were followed.

GETI's Check Limit Guidelines: Checks Limits are determined by; Type of Business, Length in Business, Credit and SIC Codes.

Note: There will not be an automatic $5,000 check limit on all merchant types. But if you would like your limit to be this high, please put this amount on your Check Guarantee Application which can be downloaded here.

Click Here for eApplication

E-mail: *Requires signing a new merchant processing application for a merchant account and switching from your current merchant account processor.
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